Historical Fun Facts

Historical exhibits and presentations will be presented at many special events in Delhi Township this year, as part of our 175th Anniversary celebration. Look for the 175th Anniversary logo next to scheduled events in the community calendar.

A film that includes interviews from local World War II veterans and was created through community donations will be presented this year by the Holt-Delhi Historical Society at a special screening yet to be scheduled. Keep an eye on the 175th Anniversary Facebook Page for more information.

  • Until very recently, state law allowed township residents to turn a rat head into their township clerk for a bounty. The bounty was five cents and the heads had to be disposed of by burning.
  • The “Hogsback,” a large glacial esker, once cut through Delhi Township. In the early to mid-1900s, gravel companies mined the esker for gravel. The mining and excavation resulted in the many large gravel pits between Holt and Mason. Mount Hope Cemetery and Maple Ridge Cemetery are part of the original hogsback.
  • Matthew King, a pioneer resident, owned the eastern half of the community of Delhi Center at one point. In his first winter here he lived in a cave that he carved out of the Hogsback.
  • In 1864, township residents voted in favor of raising $2,100 to pay US Army volunteers $100 each for volunteering to enlist. There were 34 men that received the bounty for their service in 1864.
  • The first marriage in Delhi Township was that of William P. Robbins of Alaiedon Township, and Lydia M. Wells of Delhi on July 6, 1842. Miss Wells was Delhi’s first school teacher.